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A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Every Kind of Love

Any time is a good time to show the people in your life some love, but Valentine’s Day always feels like an opportunity to do something extra special for the ones who hold our hearts. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Sets were curated with every kind of love in mind, from the romantic to the platonic and even the love we cultivate for ourselves, because we believe that all love deserves to be celebrated.


The Lovers Set

Our Lover’s Gift Set includes a pair of decadent botanical skin treats plus a sensual play tool making it the perfect package for anyone wanting to show their partner how very much they’re adored. Our luscious Honey & Bamboo Scrub has a rich, sweet smell and a creamy texture with just the right amount of grit for stimulating skin circulation and sensation. We recommend bringing it into the shower and taking turns giving each other a slow, exfoliating back and shoulder massage. Post shower, follow with our fragrant Body Nectar, a hydrating, head-to-toe skin tonic that can be used as a lubricant both for massage and pleasure practices. Bring the Kansa Body Wand into the mix for some quality time with your partner that’s just as nourishing as it is steamy: Use it to melt sore muscles and relieve tension in the shoulders and back. Stroke the soles of the feet up and down to deeply relax the nervous system. Or lightly drag the wand wherever you'd like to bring an extra bit of tantalizing energy... it's sure to induce serious chills!


The Galentines Set

Sometimes our dearest soulmates are our friends! Why not surprise your platonic loves with a gift that reminds them to nurture their own heart as much as they have yours? This set has all the ingredients for a ritual that will leave your friends glowing, soothed, and feeling oh-so-adored. The Gua Sha Heart is made of Kansa bronze, a healing Ayurvedic metal, and is a truly gorgeous tool for relieving facial tension, stimulating collagen production, and sculpting delicate facial tissues. When used with our lightweight, but deeply hydrating Calm & Replenish Facial Oil and a few pumps of our aromatic Botanical Mist, a simple skincare practice becomes an opportunity to celebrate one’s beauty, inside and out. We call this bundle The Galentine’s Set, but truly it would be a luxurious gift for absolutely anyone that you want to send a little love-gram to this Valentine’s Day!


The Self love Set

If the relationship that’s taking center stage in your life right now is the one with yourself, perhaps you could be your own #1 Valentine. We created The Self Love Gift Set for anyone who wants to cultivate a more loving relationship with their body and spirit. Invigorate your senses while supporting your lymphatic health with our natural Sisal Body Brush before indulging in a soothing self-massage practice. Our Healthy Breast Tonic is a luxurious blend of cold-pressed oils infused with Cacao, Rose, and Poke Root that was formulated to support the connection to your sensitive breast tissue and your heart center, while our Frankincense Blossom Butter is a rich cream that imparts healing moisture and a radiant sheen to legs, arms, and any area that could use a little extra nourishment.


The Natural Gent Set
They might not always say it, but men crave loving gestures just as much as anyone else. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to show appreciation to a father, brother, or any guy who’s been a sweet source of support in your life, our Natural Gent Set hits all the right notes. The Calm & Replenish Oil is a favorite among our male customers as a soothing post-shave treatment and it also doubles as a conditioning beard oil. Our “Sacred Forest” Boo has a grounding, woodsy scent and keeps pits fresh all day without any of the nasties found in most traditional deodorants, while our minty Lip Tonic Balm is a can’t-go-wrong gift for absolutely anyone, because who doesn’t appreciate chap-free lips?


Still not finding what you're looking for? We've got More Bundles & Sets in the online shop! Or stop by the EarthTonics Apothecary in Ojai Thurs-Sat 11-3pm and one of our team members will be happy to help you find the perfect gift for your Valentines. 


Be sure to place your online orders by February 8th to ensure delivery by Valentine's Day!

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