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Simply choose how much time you'd like to spend with us, and we'll create an amazing ritual experience based on your skin goals and our professional assessment.

60 minute botanical facial / $125

90 minute botanical facial / $195

Add microcurrent, + $55

Shae Christy, holistic facialist

With a warm and grounded nature, Shae creatively weaves her skills in aromatherapy, reflexology, subtle energy work, and advanced facial massage for treatments that offer both radiant results and deep relaxation.

Her artful sessions are informed by extensive experience in clinical skincare since her certification in 2002, as well as formal training in the ancient holistic method of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She holds a certification from the Boulder School of Natural Medicine in Flower Essence and Essential Oil Therapy.

Sessions with Shae alchemize a deep reverence for plant medicine with a thorough understanding of skin health, and the path to holistic beauty.

What can I expect in a botanical facial?

Our botanical facial is an immersive ritual experience where our focus is first and foremost your ultimate comfort and relaxation. We believe a down-regulated nervous system is foundational to true healing and repair. We aim for bliss.

Your session will include customized herbal treatments to feed and nourish your skin, applied by masterful hands with over 15 years of experience.

Aromatherapy, steamy herbal compresses, gua sha sculpting and more weave through the experience, leaving your skin glowing with vitality.

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is an add-on to our Botanical Facial.

Microcurrent Therapy uses sub-sensory frequencies to amplify healing and bring skin to a balanced state through the power of resonance...

Imagine you are a rare violin that is a bit out of tune. Microcurrent therapy is like receiving a masterful tune-up. To tune you, we apply frequencies with state-of-the-art wands, which feel like a relaxing massage. The wands bathe your skin with vibrations associated with collagen production, muscle toning, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, and anti-inflammation, (among others).

Microcurrent incurs zero downtime or trauma to the skin, and works beautifully in tandem with our fresh botanical skincare.

Clients report drifting into deep states of relaxation and meditation during these sessions. Skin emerges toned and glowing.With the body attuned, healing continues outside the treatment room, with maximum results seen after 4-7 days.

Please note!

Our New Location

Resonance Healing Center

215 Church Road

Ojai, CA 93023

I just got on the waitlist. How long is the wait exactly?

We wish we could tell you definitively! We are contacting waitlist clients in the order that they sign up, as appointments become available. We are currently booking for May and June. We're incredibly grateful for your patience and the opportunity to serve you.

Are "founder facials" available with Daron?

Daron's sessions are currently full
for 2021. Join our waitlist to be notified should an appointment become available.

Can I shop in person?

Not at this time. Our apothecary on El Roblar Drive (across from Farmer and the Cook) is our botanical kitchen and is not open to the public for shopping.

We do offer free local delivery to Ojai every Monday and Firday, as well as shipping both domestic and international.

Products are available for purchase at the EarthTonics Facial Studio at the time of your appoitnment.

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We would love to help you! Give us a call/text at 805-798-1153 or send us a message.