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The Basics of Dry Brushing

Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite self care modality, Dry Brushing!

Dry brushing is a timeworn beauty and wellness practice with origins that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. The technique involves sweeping a dense, stiff-bristled brush over the body, which works to stimulate blood flow and detoxify tissues through increased lymph movement. This results in a boost to overall health and immunity, not to mention soft and exfoliated skin! It's been shown to benefit skin's underlying connective tissue, both stimulating collagen and improving elasticity.

The sensation is both relaxing and invigorating, and we find that it has a most welcomed calming effect on our nervous systems. You can dry brush your body in as little as 5 minutes, and below we've provided step by step instructions... The right technique is key to unlocking the full benefits!

So first, the right tool. Not all dry brushes are created equal, and we put many to the test before we found our absolute favorite. Shop our favorite dry brush here.

How to Dry Brush

Simply put, you'll be brushing the body from the extremities toward the heart with medium to firm pressure. Skin sensitivity for each of us will vary, but dry brushing should feel satisfying and comfortable, and never painful in any way. It's normal to experience a slight blushing of the skin (that's the blood flow we mentioned). And, as common sense might indicate - never dry brush damaged, sunburned skin or anywhere with active breakouts.



Dry Brushing Tutorial

1. Start with the tops of your feet + legs, dry brushing your bare skin in long strokes or circular motions toward the groin area, where major lymph nodes reside. Repeat the movements over the entire surface area of each leg, and dry brush each buttock from the base of your booty, up and over the hip to the groin area.

2. Dry brush each arm, making strokes that move toward the underarms (again, where major lymph nodes can receive excess fluid to detox).


Dry Brushing Tutorial

3. When you get to the chest, use sweeping motions towards the heart. Skin on the chest and torso may feel a bit more sensitive, so use less pressure if needed. Sweep under each breast, and out toward the underarms.

Dry Brushing Tutorial

     4. Dry brush the stomach gently in a clockwise direction to stimulate digestion.


    Dry Brushing Tutorial

      5. Dry Brush the each shoulder with the opposite hand, bring the brush up and over from the shoulder blade to the clavicle.

        6. Finish by sweeping the brush down the back of the neck, and the lower back, as you're able.


          Dry Brushing Tutorial

          7. If you're not immediately crawling into bed, rinse the body with warm water and follow up with a nourishing moisturizer like our Grapefruit & Rose Body Nectar or Frankincense Blossom Butter. The increased blood flow will aid in deep absorption of these nutrient-dense elixirs.

          8. While you can dry brush anytime, try this practice before bedtime to release tension in the body and promote deeper, more restful sleep. We've found it particularly helpful for restless legs or that chattering monkey mind at the end of a long day. Grab our favorite dry brush and give it a try! We'd love to hear what you think.

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