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Plant-powered skincare created by a holistic facialist + skincare chef in Ojai CA

meet our facial-in-a-jar

Honey + Bamboo Facial Scrub

An exfoliating mask that clients say will "change your life"

best overnight tonic

Repair Creme Concentrate

brighten, hydrate and firm

a ritual unto itself

Botanical Toning Mist

freshly distilled rose, orange blossom + holy basil

with healing herbal extracts

head-to-toe hydration

Frankincense Blossom Butter

with rosewater, shea, and ginger lily

Discover the Magic

Botanical Bestsellers

Meet Daron

Founder + Formulator

Everything about the Mushroom Mylk excites me (the smell, ah!) but the consistency, as a serum, is really special. It's deeply moisturizing without being too heavy, so it can be worn alone or layered with other products. It has noticeably healed damage on my face.


I love all of your products but the Honey Bamboo Scrub is incredible. I will never use another scrub again. It's gentle, it lifts off dead skin while nourishing the rest, and it has totally changed my relationship to exfoliating.


Intentionality, mindfulness, sensuality and kindness infused with the essence of pomegranate and olive oil. This product allows me to slow down and be present with myself. It has become my staple after I shower, where gentle acts of kindness are experienced through tender massage and connection to oneself. It reminds me to love and be kind to myself and remember the power within us all.