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EarthTonics Botanical Skincare

Kansa Bronze Gua Sha Heart


Kansa is an ancient Ayurvedic blend of highly-conductive bronze. It's used to massage the face and body for cell rejuvenation, rapid pain relief, and release of pitta (heat + inflammation). Rich in copper, this metal is a great conductor of the body’s bio-electricity. As it touches your skin, it subtly draws to it your inherent chi (electromagnetic life-force energy) to release tension, clear energetic blockages and detoxify acidity from the tissues. We call it, “paleo-microcurrent.”

Facial Benefits from Kansa Gua Sha:

-Reduces puffiness (via lymph drainage)

-Stimulates collagen production

-Increases blood flow and detoxification

-Helps release knots in the fascia and chronic tension

-Helps relax TMJ

-Reduces dark circles and undereye puffiness.

-Lifts and sculpts

Let's break it down.

Kansa is an Ayurvedic blend of bronze, known in India as "the healing metal." It's highly-conductive. As it touches your skin, it draws to it your prana (electromagnetic life-force energy) to release tension and excess pitta (heat + inflammation), clear energetic blockages and detoxify acidity from the tissues. It amplifies the energy of the cell. Think of it as paleo-microcurrent.

Gua Sha is an ancient healing technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine. This process, originally used on the body for clearing stagnation and relieving pain, has since been adapted for facial rejuvenation.

A flat piece of material— in this case kansa bronze is guided over the skin in a gentle scraping motion from the mid-line of the face out to the edges, following the contours of the face.

How-to basics:

-Use the edge of the tool at about 20 degrees, so you feel some of the flat side of the gua sha against your skin.

-Begin with very light strokes down the sides of the neck to the collarbone to begin the flow of lymph.

-Draw your gua sha from the midline of your face to your ear/hairline, following these latitudes: jawline, fleshy cheek, cheekbone, undereye (gently!), and forehead.

-Clear the "offramp" of fluid at the jawline in front of your ear (this is where all lymph from the face is eventually flows). Use light gentle strokes down the neck.

-Use the tool to lift the brow and forehead, up and away from your third eye.

Kansa Bronze Gua Sha Heart