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New Location!

EarthTonics Apothecary

416 Bryant Circle

Unit O

Ojai, CA 93023

Why refill?

We believe that every small step we take toward sustainability-- both individually and as a company-- creates a better world.

Our beautiful violet glass vessels can be used over and over again, and our refill community enjoys special discounted pricing, so why not refill and live your best zero-waste life?

How do refills work?

It's simple:

Bring in your clean, empty jars + bottles, and we'll refill them with fresh-made botanical skincare.

To maintain product integrity, we do not recommend refilling products that haven't been completely used.

How should I clean my jars and bottles before refilling?

First, wash them as you would a dish, with hot soapy water. Then carefully fill them with boiling water (a tea kettle is helpful!) to completely melt away residue and sterilize. Be sure to pump hot water through pump/spray tops as well. Let hot water stand for 5 minutes or until the vessel is cool enough to handle. Dump out the water and allow to dry completey.

Jars and bottles can also be put throught the sterilizer cycle on dishwashers, although this can degrade the label.

I don't live nearby, can I refill from afar or send you my empty bottles?

For now, our refill options are only available to our local community and we do not accept empty jars through the mail. The carbon footprint to mail back empty jars negates the sustainability of its repurposing.

We do recommend, however, that you re-use your empty jars and bottles if you're unable to visit us. Use them as flower vases, to wrap gifts, or to organize small items in your home.

Violet glass is incredible for keeping fresh things, well, fresh! Use them to extend the life of fresh herbs, produce and precious earth medicines.

Please note, our glass bottles + lids are 100% recyclable if you don't have need for them once they're empty.