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EarthTonics Botanical Skincare

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Give the gift of self care!

Your loved ones will be thrilled to shop and discover their perfect skincare regimen.

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What is a hydrosol?

Also known as a floral water, a hydrosol is the therapeutic steam that releases from a plant in the distillation process. About 30 times stronger than an herbal tea, this liquid magic is the plant’s essence, imbued with a complete spectrum of the it’s therapeutic properties. The Botanical Mist is subtle bouquet of:

Orange Blossom

uplifting, refreshing and clarifying


softening, soothing, heart-centering

Holy Basil

anti-inflammatory, brightening

When should I mist?

Mist after cleansing and between any layers of mylk, oil and creme to saturate skin with healing properties and enhance delivery of water-soluble nutrients.

Mist over makeup to refresh and restore glow.

Mist skin generously in polluted city environments to fight free radicals and calm inflammation.

Mist over the face, nape of the neck, and backs of the knees to quell hot flashes. Inhale slowly and deeply, allowing the aroma to balance your spirit along with your skin.

Botanical Toning Mist


Orange Blossom*, Rose*, Holy Basil*, Hickory*, Bilberry*, Chaga Mushroom*, Vodka (from surplus apples and potatos, dilute amount used to deliver botanical extracts)*  | *Indicates Certified Organic

EarthTonics Gift Card