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EarthTonics Botanical Skincare

Calm and Replenish Facial Oil


Lightweight, yet deeply nourishing. Protective, yet breathable. The Calm and Replenish Facial Oil helps calm redness and imparts a radiant, natural glow. Raw, organic plant lipids sink in effortlessly, balancing and conditioning parched areas that often lead to lost elasticity. Infused with soothing meadow flowers to help strengthen and heal dermal capillaries. Botanical aromas aid in stabilizing emotions, calming the nervous system, and bringing peaceful perspective.

Is a facial oil right for my skin?

Yes. The right oil is key-- you need one with a small molecular structure. Why? This ensures the treatment sinks deep into skin, rather than sitting, trapped on top (causing irritation and congestion).

This penetrating tonic was carefully created to blend seemlessly into the skin, replenishing dry tissue and merging with the skin's natural oils to actually balance oil production.

All skin thrives with the right balance of lipids.

Adjust your usage to your skin.

Those with dry skin can use this facial oil as a daily moisturizer, applying a few precious drops alone, or layering luxuriously over our Mushroom Mylk and Repair Creme Concentrate.

For those with oilier skin, simply apply a bit less, or cocktail the facial oil with a spritz or two of Botanical Toning Mist in the palm of your hand, and press into skin for a featherlight application.

Anoint yourself for facial massage.

The Calm and Replenish Facial Oil is the perfect precursor for facial massage, whether using your hands or a self care tool like our Kansa Gua Sha or Facial Wand.

Apply 5-10 drops to face, neck and décolleté. Massage deeply into skin in an up-and-outward motion to create a lifting effect, then down in front of the ear, and down the sides of the neck (to the collarbone) to assist lymph drainage.

Massage until all excess oil has been absorbed. If you finish and feel a bit too saturated, mist with Botanical Toning Mist and gently swipe skin with a moist cotton ball.

Calm and Replenish Oil


Kukui Nut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Calendula*, Rosemary*, Vitamin E (Non-GMO, from Sunflowers), Blue Tansy*, Roman Chamomile*, Lavender*, Rosewood*  | *Indicates Certified Organic

Calm and Replenish Facial Oil