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EarthTonics Botanical Skincare

Kansa Bronze Wand


Known in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine as the healing metal, “Kansa” is an ancient blend of bronze used in massage for rapid relief and rejuvenation, harnessing your inherent life force energy and directing it to heal. Rich in copper, this metal is a great conductor of the body’s bio-electricity. As it touches your skin, it draws to it your inherent prana (electromagnetic life-force energy) to release tension, clear energetic blockages and detoxify acidity from the tissues. This sensuous play-tool increases blood flow and gently bends the fascia (connective tissue just under the skin) stimulating fibroblasts of natural collagen.


Facial Rejuvenation

-Oil the skin with Calm and Replenish Facial Oil.

-Begin with very light strokes down the sides of the neck to the collarbone to begin the flow of lymph.

-Draw your kansa wand from the midline of your face outward to your ear/hairline, following these latitudes: jawline, fleshy cheek, cheekbone, undereye (gently!), and forehead.

-Clear the "offramp" of fluid at the jawline in front of your ear (this is where all lymph from the face eventually flows). Use light gentle strokes down the neck.

-Circle around the eyes in both directions (third eye, included)

-Circle the lips

-Allow you intuition to guide the wand to any location on the body where healing is needed.

A sensuous playtool

-Begin by massaging Grapefruit + Rose Body Nectar from head to toe.

-Circle your mouth with the wand.

-Allow your intuition to trace energy lines to any location on your body in need of healing. Draw circles and figure-eights over the point that calls, and allow your loving intention to be directed there.

-Use it to care for a friend or lover, with their consent.

Powerful grounding

Oil the feet and use the wand to stroke up and down over your soles-- 100 times or more. This technique draws anxious energy down, helping to remove acidity and excess heat out of the bottoms of the feet. A wonderful bedtime ritual for sound sleep.

Kansa Bronze Wand