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EarthTonics Botanical Skincare

Matcha Cucumber Eye Serum


Lightweight and nourishing, this serum soothes with cooling cucumber and rich greens. Ceremonial-grade matcha green tea helps to brighten and deflate under eye puffiness. This tonic is a rich source of omega-3’s which help to restore elasticity. Seabuckthorn Berry Extract provides vitamin c and antioxidants to regenerate tired skin cells, strengthen and brighten this delicate  area.

Tap it around your orbital bone.

Eye treatments will naturally migrate from where you apply, so no need to swipe it directly under your lashline.

Use a single drop to start, and trace it around your orbital bone with your ring finger. Tap lightly to aid penetration, feathering the tonic to highlight your cheekbones and brow.

Massage another drop into the third eye to soften tension and condition lines.

Matcha Cucumber Eye Serum


Sacha Inchi Oil*, Cucumber*, Chamomile*, Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Green Tea*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Hickory*, Seabuckthorn Berry*, Sweet Basil*, Lavender* | *Indicates Certified Organic

Matcha Cucumber Eye Serum