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"The Boo" Non-Toxic Deodorant


An organic, soul-family recipe that works like a charm, and plants 50 trees!

This non-toxic deodorant, available in 3 incredible scents, works to gently and effectively eliminate underarm odor for long-lasting freshness. Sample sizes available for those with extra sensitive pits.

The Boo's Rebirth.

The Boo, originally known as Becky Boo Underarm, was created by the late, great Vanessa Bley, our dear friend and fellow alchemist. It’s a true honor to continue Vanessa’s legacy of love, care and earth-magic by bringing The Boo back to her loyal community and beyond. 

We’re using the remainder of Vanessa’s original zero-waste packaging to plant trees— thousands of them— to honor her dedication to environmental activism. For every Boo purchased in Vanessa’s OG packaging, we’ll plant 50 trees with Trees For The Future.

In 2021 we’ll give these formulas a forever home in our signature EarthTonics packaging— stay tuned.

What you put on your pits matters.

The underarms are home to major lymph nodes of the body— a place where toxins are meant to be excreted, not applied. Many popular deodorants contain dangerous chemicals, heavy metals and hormone-disrupting ingredients that work against the body’s natural detoxification process, contributing to imbalance and disease. Not to mention they're packaged in plastic-- yuck!

Stay fresh and take exquisite care of your underarms with The Boo. Use a nickel-sized amount and smooth into pits daily.

The Scents

First Born - Vanessa's original formula with notes of sweet orange, lemongrass and mint.

Victorian - Smells like an English garden in Spring. Lavender, geranium, bergamot, clary sage.

Sacred Spirit - Essence of earth and wood. Palo santo, sandalwood, frankincense and cedar.

The Boo melts on contact with the skin and can be used whether you have hair or not.

The Boo Non-Toxic Deodorant


Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Arrowroot Powder*, Baking Soda, Essential Oils* | *Indicates Certified Organic

"The Boo" Non-Toxic Deodorant