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EarthTonics Botanical Skincare

Healthy Breast Tonic


– A daily ritual to increase elasticity and healthy breast awareness
– Earthy aromas of rose + cacao
– Made with poke root for its anti-cancer + anti-tumor properties
– Supports lymph and tissue health


This luxurious oil blend is infused with herbs specific to breast health, including Poke Root-- an herb researched for its ability to dissolve congestion and tumors.

The penetrating, cold-pressed oils absorb quickly, leaving skin silky and supple. They are rich in sterols and fatty acids to support skin elasticity

The formula is subtly scented with organic aromatics to evoke deep, heart-centered healing.

A luxurious and invaluable formulation to enhance your breast massage practice. We believe regular breast massage is a vital aspect of self care for breast cancer awareness and the awakening of our sacred feminine essence.

How To Use

Massage generously into the chest, breasts and underarm as often as daily. After applying, gently massage from the center of the chest to the armpit to support lymphatic drainage.

Considered safe for use during pregnancy, although we always recommend checking in with your primary care physician, as every body is unique. We recommend limiting use to 1-2x a week during the first trimester, as poke root is mildly detoxifying when used topically. 

Because the formula is slightly bitter to the taste, breastfeeding parents may want to avoid applying to the nipple area. It is however a wonderful aid during lactation, and can help to break up clogged ducts and soreness.

What Goes In

Ingredients: Baobab Oil*, Pomegranate Oil*, Olive Oil*, Castor Oil*, Poke Root*, Rose de Mai*, Frankincense*, Myrrh*, Cacao* | *Indicates Certified Organic

Healthy Breast Tonic