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How to do a Facial Steam at Home

Herb-infused steam feels and smells like such a luxury. It warms and softens the skin, infusing your complexion with all the benefits of the herbs you choose.

And did you know? Herbal steam takes our signature “facial-in-a-jar,” The Honey + Bamboo Facial Scrub to the next level. Follow along with EarthTonics founder and holistic facialist as she walks you through this deeply cleansing, sigh-inducing home ritual.

You’ll need:

- A big pot

- A large towel

- Fresh or dried herbs of your choice (see below for our favorites)

- The Honey + Bamboo Facial Scrub

- A sturdy, heat-safe surface

Our favorite herbs for steaming are growing right in our front yard: lavender, rosemary and white sage. But any healing, tonic herbs will do. You can also use green tea bags or dried herbs if you don’t have access to fresh. We do not recommend steaming with essential oils.

Herbs for Your Steam

Lavender: Soothing, Calming, Antiseptic

Rosemary: Increases circulation, antiseptic, antiviral

White Sage: Meditative, balancing, uplifting

Eucalyptus: Cleansing, toning, clears congestion

Green Tea: Antioxidant-rich, nourishing, invigorating

Chamomile: Calming, soothing

Mullein: Great for lung + immune support


Facial Steam Steps

1. BOIL + CLEANSE: Bring a large pot of water to boil. As you wait, use a gentle cleanser to remove impurities like makeup, sweat or sunscreen. The Cardamom Cream Cleanser is excellent for this. 

2. SET UP YOUR SAFE SPACE: Make sure you have a sturdy, heat-safe surface for your pot of herbs to sit on when it’s done infusing. It’s also helpful to have a seat that will allow you to comfortably lean over the pot.

3. MAKE YOUR INFUSION: When your water comes to a boil, add your herbs, cover, and simmer for a minute or two.

4. BE MINDFUL: Place the pot of steaming herbal tea on your table. Using your hands, carefully test the distance that feels like a comfortable temperature for you. Hold your hands high above the steam, slowly lowering until you feel a gentle warmth. 


5. STEAM YOURSELF: Securely resting your hands or forearms on the table, lean your face over the steam at a comfortable distance. It should feel warm, never hot. If it feels hot, move further away.


6. STEAM TENT: When you find a comfortable distance, tent your head with a large towel to create your own steam room. Breathe deeply.

7. APPLY THE TREATMENT: After a minute or two. Apply the Honey + Bamboo Facial Scrub, massaging in gentle, circular motions 

8. STEAM AGAIN: Leave it on while you repeat the steam. This will soften the mask and activate the treatment's natural enzymes.

9. RINSE AND MOISTURIZE: Rinse away the honey treatment with cool water and follow with your favorite EarthTonics moisturizing layers. We recommend the Botanical Toning Mist, Mushroom Mylk and Calm + Replenish Facial Oil. 


    This luxurious treatment can be done as a weekly or monthly ritual to deep cleanse and soften skin and spirit.

    *DISCLAIMER: This article is our personal process for facial steaming and should be used for informational purposes only. Please use caution and your best judgement when dealing with hot liquids. 

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    • Tessa on March 08, 2024

      Loooove this how-to content 🙌👏

    • Cintia G on March 07, 2024

      I love this, I will try it :)

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