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Leaves, roots and flowers.

Mushrooms, oils and honey.

These are the ingredients I use in my tonics.

Pristine whole-plant ingredients brought together with loving intention and bottled in recyclable violet glass-- a vessel used since ancient Egypt to maintain potency of medicines.

Made fresh in our Apothecary Kitchen in Ojai, California, each micro-batch offers subtle variants in color and aroma, reflecting the unique harvests of our plant-based ingredients.

The potions we deliver to you are a co-creation with Mother Earth. From seed to skin, they're cultivated with care and respect for the Earth, the plants, and the communities who grow them.

Hello! I'm Daron.

I’m a plant lover, skincare chef, facialist, and nap enthusiast.

I'm a student of the earth and body, with a focus on the language of sensation, and I've learned to read the skin.

The skin, I’ve discovered, tells a story of our health— physical, mental, emotional, and beyond. It's a virtual feedback loop from which we can navigate right relationship to the various inputs and outputs of life. It has so much wisdom to impart.

I invite you to take a moment each day to listen, and begin a practice of compassionate self care and commitment.

May these tonics help you celebrate and luxuriate in this precious gift of a life embodied, and tap a wellspring of loving self-regard.

With these potions and a deep breath, you are your own healer, a magician, a ritual artist.

May they be a touchstone to your innate beauty.

Equity and eco-consciousness are essential elements of my work.

We choose to support small organic farms, artisan distillers, women's cooperatives, and fair-trade certified suppliers.

Wild-harvested ingredients are foraged ethically and sustainably from abundant wild areas.

EarthTonics is shipped plastic-free, using only recyclable and biodegradable packing materials.

Every tonic plants a tree.

We are a thrilled to work with Trees for the Future-- a non-profit dedicated to planting trees and growing food forests, to empower communities damaged by mono-crop farming. They use regenerative farming practices to bring nutrients back to the soil, restoring the Earth and providing a diverse food source and livelihood to Forest Garden farmers around the world.

My Philosophy

In our lightning-speed Western culture of quick fixes and unattainable beauty standards, it's become normalized to inflict harm on ourselves in the name of collagen production. Acid peels, injections, sandblasting and puncture wounds, there is a long list of weapons to choose from. Results are superficial, short-lived, and unsustainable— often destroying the skin’s micro-biome in the process.

My tonics work differently. They bathe the body in exquisite herbs and superfoods, delivering all the nutritional elements to support the skin’s natural ability to thrive— no harm done. 

Made with love in Ojai, CA

My formulas are regularly handmade by our small (but mighty) team at our apothecary in ojai, ca, where we also offer our signature botanical facials, by appointment.

Ready to dive in?