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The Self Love Set


Create a self love ritual that nourishes your body and spirit with:

Healthy Breast Tonic A nourishing body oil formulated specifically with the health of your delicate breast tissue in mind. Made with clarifying Poke Root, nourishing Pomegranate Oil, and aromatic Cacao and Rose de Mai, this hydrating tonic restores elasticity and turns a simple wellness practice into a sensual self-care ritual.

Frankincense Blossom Butter - This decadent body cream is infused with healing botanicals that nourish the skin while imparting lasting moisture and a delicate sheen. Soft notes of Frankincense, Galangal, and Lavender soothe both body and spirit.

Sisal Body Brush - A natural fiber dry body brush with just the right amount texture to invigorate the senses while offering gentle exfoliation and detoxifying benefits. Brush in long strokes towards the heart center to support whole-being health. Promotes deep, restful sleep when incorporated into pre-bedtime rituals. 

    The Self Love Set